The Happygolitely Project

I realize, a little more each day, how important it is for us all to reach out to each other, to support each other, to show one another we care. We are all part of the same; we are all human; we are stronger together. When we feel united, we feel happier for the sense of connection.

An idea popped into my head to create ‘a little happy’ that could be given/shared. Then it came to me to make this a social experiment. To somehow get these little happys out to people so that they could give them to whomever they felt needed it. I knew some people would give them to friends or family who were having a bad day or needed a boost; but my grander vision was that people would pass these on spontaneously to seeming strangers –

-to anyone who looked like they would benefit from a small gesture, a little happy, that came out of the blue & proved to them someone cared, the Universe cares.

Then I came up with our tag-line:

“A Little Happy Goes a Long Way”

I hope these Little Happys span the globe – to travel over continents & bodies of water, over cultural differences & language barriers, past financial problems & economic crises, through the hands of people who would otherwise remain unconnected.

Please send me your Happy Little Story – tell me how far your Little Happy traveled – tell me who you shared yours with – tell me who shared theirs with you. Let's all create a web of happiness as far as we can imagine.

In happiness, ~girlgolite♥

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Stories Are Emerging

After the heartwarming tale of Carlos, a mini-avalanche of stories came in yesterday - SUPER! Here's one:

"Two of my Little Happys have found homes. I was at my local Hallmark store yesterday and gave them to two of the clerks there, who had frazzled "It's Monday" looks on their faces. They loved their Happys.

...Spreading Little Happys all over southeast Wisconsin..."

We all know how difficult it must be to work in most kinds of retail jobs right now. I bet those two clerks were buoyed by the gesture of kindness from our Happy Ambassador in Wisconsin. Good going, Amy!!!!

More Happy stories on the way tomorrow!

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