The Happygolitely Project

I realize, a little more each day, how important it is for us all to reach out to each other, to support each other, to show one another we care. We are all part of the same; we are all human; we are stronger together. When we feel united, we feel happier for the sense of connection.

An idea popped into my head to create ‘a little happy’ that could be given/shared. Then it came to me to make this a social experiment. To somehow get these little happys out to people so that they could give them to whomever they felt needed it. I knew some people would give them to friends or family who were having a bad day or needed a boost; but my grander vision was that people would pass these on spontaneously to seeming strangers –

-to anyone who looked like they would benefit from a small gesture, a little happy, that came out of the blue & proved to them someone cared, the Universe cares.

Then I came up with our tag-line:

“A Little Happy Goes a Long Way”

I hope these Little Happys span the globe – to travel over continents & bodies of water, over cultural differences & language barriers, past financial problems & economic crises, through the hands of people who would otherwise remain unconnected.

Please send me your Happy Little Story – tell me how far your Little Happy traveled – tell me who you shared yours with – tell me who shared theirs with you. Let's all create a web of happiness as far as we can imagine.

In happiness, ~girlgolite♥

Monday, February 23, 2009

Rainy Day, Happy Day

Hello Happy People

I gave a Little Happy to my favorite Costco employee today. She always has a big, bright smile for me when I show her my membership card on the way in and she always says something nice - and more meaningful than just a robotic 'have a nice day'. She tells me I have a nice smile and she looks me in the eye. She definitely seemed like someone who I should share a Little Happy with. She accepted it with delight. The happy little buzzy feeling I get from these exchanges lasts for quite a while and makes me that much friendlier to those whose eyes I meet.

If you join our newly formed Yahoo group (button to join is on the upper right of this blog), you'll receive frequent updates and you'll have access to my basic little instruction sheet on how to make your own Little Happys, if you so choose. I've opened up to the idea of our Happy Ambassadors making their own versions (whether near replicas of mine, or their own vision) so that the Project isn't squelched by my limited manpower. If you do want to make your own, I'll be happy to send you the little hangtags that go along with them. I'm always just an email away. Just keep everything appropriate and G-rated if you're going to link it back to Happygolitely, that's all I ask.

Happy branches are forming and our happy little team is growing. One and all are welcome.

To echo the words of that dear Oscar winner last night, "Choose Love".


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